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I had an unconventional childhood to say the least. My parents were total hippies and some of the most talented humans on the planet. The artistic influence was not just an elective but a way of life. My father’s oil paintings hung on every wall of my parents eclectic home. Oriental rugs and music filled the house, as my mom would spend hours picking away on a typewriter mastering her latest manuscript. My father is an award winning graphic designer, musician, artist and philosophical genius. My mother a published author, painter and storyteller. All that to say it has never been easy for me with such examples of exemplary talent to be able to hail myself as an artist. Although I was never able to truly master painting I would spend hours “borrowing” my father’s 35mm, wasting all his film; it was where I began painting with light.

As a teen I worked at my father’s design firm learning Photoshop and soaking in any little tidbits he would toss my way. I spent summers going by train into the city to stay with my aunt, she was a model/actor living in NYC, any teen girls dream. My love for fashion, and my understanding of the arts grew and took a fun turn. I dabbled in modeling myself and landed a few acting gigs only to realize I was far more inspired as an artist behind the camera than in front. As a young adult I began to travel more, and spent a year traveling Europe and living among refugees in Thailand. Experiencing the suffering and struggles of such incredible people made me strive to not just take photographs but to capture the human spirit, to capture what was lost in translation.

Fast forward to adulthood, risk taking, learning the hard way and flat out failures I came to realize that at the end of the day it’s not about how talented you are in your particular craft, but how much heart you are willing to put into it. Today seeing people succeed drives me; I work with businesses, brands, and individuals to create the best representation of who they are, capturing their very essence… and on a lighter note, making sure they look damn good while doing it! Thanks for stopping by, how exciting that our paths have crossed! 

01. I never skip dessert, I'm totally checking out the dessert before the main course. 
1. I love shoes, like to a point of needing intervention. 
2. I believe fashion is a form of self-expression, so make it a good one. 
3. I love thrift stores, “the thrill of the hunt” is as fun as it sounds. 
4. I have an unhealthy fear of snakes. 
5. Music gives me life, if I could have any one talent it would be the ability to belt out my favorite tunes on key for a change. 
6. I grew up on the back of a horse barefoot, it's still my happy place.
7. I love traveling, like more than chocolate. 
8. I believe dancing poorly is better than not dancing at all. 
09. I'm a natural birth advocate, giving life to my three humans was the most empowering thing I have ever or will ever do. 
10. I'm a avid believer that fitness is just as much for a healthy mind as it is a strong body. Check out the blog for more fun health tips and fashion finds along the way. I would love to have you a part of this journey with me. 



01. BREATHE ME …. Sia
02. RAIN CITY ... Turin Brakes
03. LOVE LOST … Temper Trap
04. CATHEDRALS ... Jump

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I'm in love with classic chic Boho vibes, simplicity and effortlessness are key. Mixing luxury pieces with vintage finds is always fun, playing with textures and tones creates the perfect outfit for any spring outing. 

CASUAL Brunch, late afternoons

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