It’s a blog! The fresh start of something new!

Jul 12, 2018


It’s a blog! The fresh start of something new!

July 12, 2018

Hello world!

I’m finally starting my blog!!!!! I have no idea what to call it, maybe a lifestyle blog?

Quick question…what the heck is a lifestyle blog anyway? I mean seriously I can’t think of one person in my entire long 36 years on this planet that I have met and was like “wow, they really have their shit together, they are a specialist at life, they should be a lifestyle blogger and help everyone else be so good.” Never.

So, let’s just say this is absolutely not going to be a blog about how perfect my life is, and how you can make yours just as perfect by just a few steps. Life is hard. Beautiful, but hard. This blog is going to be about the good, bad, beautiful and the ugly of this crazy life … I hope you enjoy it, laugh along with me, feel my pain and most importantly I hope to grow with you…that my friend is the point of this blog.

I’m sitting here behind my computer, with a clean slate under my cold fingers…man that feels good.

Now it’s time to create some junk…I mean valuable content that we can all enjoy in one way or another…I hope!

No pressure, right?

With excitement and anxiety,



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