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I’m a photojournalistic photographer specializing in the art of empowerment. I'm in the business of storytelling, marketing, and mentoring through my love of photography and design. I specialize in refined and creative editorial portraiture, and branding services for businesses by creating imagery that most compliments their beauty and strengths. 


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timeless, with a coy nod to modernity!

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The starting point to any great thing is the belief in something. This experience will not only set your brand apart with stunning branding imagery to die for but it will allow you to raise your prices and compete on a whole new level. When we invest in ourselves, it shows, and others want to invest as well. 

this experience equals success!

what makes this branding different


stye + portraits for women


branding imagery


the bekah Experience

Wedding Editorials

Emotive, timeless, breathtaking love stories. 

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We believe in heirlooms.

what makes us different

is the truest 
form of beauty. 

“My senior brand is called SOAR. It is my hope that every girl I photograph is empowered by seeing themselves in a new light, giving them the confidence to take flight and SOAR!"

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